High Voltage

Being a time served electrician interested in making huge sparks, I checked out a few You Tube videos and associated websites for more information.
Projects that I like are Tesla Coils, Van De Graaff Generators, and Wimshurst Machines.

The pages on this site are here to track my progress and hopefully to share some ideas along the way, I'm a novice compared to you guys, so don't put me down, i'm sure many of you went through the same learning curve, but haven't posted about it.

Please note that this site is documenting progress, so there could be projects that I build to a certain stage, then find some more info from others, and i'll 'recycle' the parts, or shelve the project for whatever reason, this will be noted on the page.

Some examples of high voltage equipment (none are mine)

Below is a typical Tesla Coil

This one plays a tune

A Van De Graff generator

And a Whimshurst Machine

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