Green Tower

I've been building Tesla Coils for a while, so now it's time to go bigger, my last coil (Deep Purple) was a 4 inch coil.
So i decided to go for a 6 inch coil, but I didn't want to do it in the normal way with white plastic duct, so I decided this one was going to be acrylic, it has taken a while to get the finances to be able to build it, but now it is happening. The specs are below:

6" acrylic former 44" high, winding height 36"
21awg wire
1206 turns
4x10 plus 4x12 toroidal toploads
129KHz resonate frequency

For the connections to the coil i've used copper tape which is easy to solder, the tape then makes contact to the RF connection and toploads, a couple of very small holes allow the wire to be secured mechanically before being soldered.

The Tower

Copper Tape Detail

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