Green Meanie SSG and SRSG

Green meanie because this coil has an angry spark gap.
SSG: Static Spark Gap
The very basic type of coil, a couple of NST's, a capacitor bank, and a spark gap, as can be seen the 'powerwall' provides the motive force

SRSG: Synchronous Resonant Spark Gap
This uses the same powerwall, but instead of the static spark gap, a rotary gap is used, basically a motor to spin a disc that has electrodes to make and break the gap, but the motor synchronises to the mains frequency with a bit
of modification.

Image to come when SRSG is completed

The primary for both of these coils is the same, it is also made from acrylic, The arm slots were made in a jig that fits on the router table, these were screwed from underneath to the base disc. And of course I wanted to be different with the strike rail supports, so acrylic rod was used, I made a former from wood, then heated the rods over my 100W soldering iron while slowly spinning it, when it started to soften, I placed it in the jig and bent it to the desired angle, the rods are fitted into holes in the disc and epoxied.

Being acrylic I wanted to make it glow, I chose green led's, there's a ring of 6 to light the disc, 6 more pointing up to light the secondary, then there's 2 sets of 6 individually wired for the arms and strike rail supports, the latter sets connect to a couple of 4017 ic's to make them rotate., how long the ic's last when the coil is powered is something to find out.

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