Powerwall Unit

I don't like to have NST's, spark gaps, and capacitors as separate items laying about while running coils, so I decided to make an all in one unit, the 2 NST's were mounted vertically on a frame, the spark gap and connections at the botton, with the capacitors on top.
The back of the unit contains 2 sockets for the NST's supplied by a couple of IEC cables, there's also a switch, in normal position, I can run each of the NST's separately, but with the switch operated both NST's are connected to one IEC in parallel.
The capacitor bank is in 4 parts, basically they are set up so i can make these combinations:
2 separate NST's, each with a value for running as a static gap coil, this includes (if i had them) twin coils, or each can have a value for a rotary gap
With both NST's in parallel I can do the same as above, but with double the power for one coil.

The Powerwall unit

The static spark gap, which acts as safety gap for rotary

The 4 capacitor banks

The NST's

Notation of values of each bank, also showing links

The 2 sockets with selector switch (single/dual)

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