Sparky made his first appearance on top of my Spaghetti Jar coil, he was something I made while playing with some copper wire. And yes I made a 2 part vid on how to make him
Part 1

Part 2

More recently I made a 470 turn coil and made Sparky's Dad, the idea of the Dad was because I wanted something like you see in films where the hero holds 2 wires together and sparks ensue

Input voltage: 250V
Input Frequency: 50Hz
Output voltage: 11000V
Output current: 18mA
Primary turns: 4 @ 45 degrees
Turns: 470
Wire: 28awg
Diameter: 2.75 inches
Height: 6.5 inches
Topload: just a metal disc 2.75 inches dia
Capacitor: 8nF

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