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notice to users:

as google sites is coming to a close i have begun the proccess of moving my old google sites website back to my mainsite
as such the website is currently under maintence and pages are in the proccess of being moved over-current i apoligise for the hassle this causes in the meantime you can see the old google site here google sites please check back reguarly as the site will be seeing updates atleast weekly as i move content over

After several years of using Googlesite, I decided it was time for my own domain

I hope you like my new home, please feel free to browse the information on this site.

To go with this site i have a You Tube channel, while i try to respond to any questions, i am not always notified, so if you have asked a question and haven't had an answer in a reasonable time, then please hop into discord or my forum.

This is a site that documents all my projects. I have great interest in high voltage, Audio and Visual, and many other things. Please take the time to read this site, you will most likely find something of interest in some of your projects,

I'm not just documenting my successes, but also my failures, but each failure is a learning process, just be careful you don't do the ultimate failure, [read any and all warnings] if you intend playing with voltages, even low voltage can kill in certain circumstances.

This site may change as time goes by.

Terms of Use

You may freely link to any content or page.
You may not hotlink any images etc
You may copy any snippet of information providing you credit me with the creation