Video Switcher

I have been using a home made switch unit for several cameras to be used on my stream, this consisted of 3 interlocked push buttons (the type found in okd radios), this worked well, but only had the 3 inputs, i wanted to make one with about 6 inputs, but i didn't have a 6 way pushbutton, nor could i find one online.
I had some rotary wafer switches, but that would mean rotating through other inputs to get to the one i want, that would be annoying for viewers, then i had a brainwave, use 2 rotary switches and a 2 pole changeover, the idea is that you preselect an input on one switch while streaming via the other, then it's a simple case of flipping the switch.
As you can see in the diagram below, there are 6 inputs and 2 outputs, one output goes to the stream, the other goes to a video monitor.

The method of operation woeks well, but be aware that if both switches are on the same input, you may get a slight dimming of the video.

I made a box to mount the system in, to make it look a little better i printed out a front panel and stuck it to the front, then applied varnish, here is the printout

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