Video Studio

I have 2 set ups, one is for photography, this one is the set up I use for making my videos, first of all, here is the photo taken from my seating position

I have 2 soft-box lights for general illumination, these are currently turned off so the image doesn't flare, they are reasonably cheap (under 200 for 3 lights, 2 soft-boxes, one snood, a barn door and a set of filters.

Camera 1 is frontal shot, this is mounted on my tripod, and there's a multimedia monitor that I use for the blocking monitor (multimedia can be used for PC or direct video input)

Camera 2 is for overhead shot and is mounted on my small camera boom, this is attached to my portable DVD player on the desk as a blocking monitor, you can see the clapperboard in this monitor.

The microphone I use is a lavallier connected to a digital voice recorder.
At the bottom you can just see the multi-way power sockets.

Apart from the soft-boxes, I have the room lighting on (spot bar), and a desk-lamp with a 35W halogen lamp, most times I will point this lamp up at the ceiling to diffuse the light.

For editing I use Sony Vegas HD11, this allows me to add both camera tracks, plus the audio track from the recorder.

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