Olympus VN 6800-PC

When I make videos, i'm not close enough to the camera for that mic to pick up my voice, the camera doesn't have a mic input, so I bought a couple of Olympus VN 6800-PC voice recorders, probably more used as dictation machines, but are also good for my purpose.

In the photo above the controls are simple, on the top surface there is an inbuilt mic, but also a mic input socket and an audio out socket (headphone). Olympus make a mic for this, but the cost seems to be a bit high, so I made my own 'tieclip' style using old electret mic inserts.
On the side of the unit is a USB port for connecting to the computer for easy download.

These recorders can be a lot of fun as it means the subject can be as far from the camera as you like, there's no wires to worry about, and no problem with drop out of a wireless device, the audio can be added to the video during editing

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