Green Manalishi

Green Manalishi is because the wire is green, and a favourite piece of music by Fleetwood Mac.

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The Control unit
I already had an interrupter i bought from The Geek group (now The National Science Institute) and wanted to put this to use
But i also wanted some other options,
1. Aways on
2. Oscillator, this has adjustable frequency and mark/space ratio, so i can to various pulses, or can dial in most audible frequencies.
3. Interrupter
4. Audio.

And because the whole base unit and coil is made from acrylic, LED control.

The Base
I had decided from the outset that I was going to make the secondary from acrylic, and thought it would be good to use this for the base, the secondary is 6 inches diameter, so the base is 8 inches, it was a good idea to make this with different levels to house the different parts of the electronics.

It took me a while to work out the design, I had to think about ventillation, this was done well in advance when I built the secondary, I added some cut outs at the top to let the heat out, there are similar cutouts in the base the let cool air in.
I was effectively building 2 coils at the same time.
The lowest level houses the power supplies for the electronics and the power stage, the middle level is for the oscillator and driver board, the top level is where I mounted the H bridge, heatsink and fan.

I also wanted to try a different method of control to anyone else, it has taken a lot of thought and experimentation, but I think I have it sorted, at least it seems to work in low voltage tests at low frequency, 1Hz was generated from an external signal generator with LED's connected across all the mosfets, they switched as expected.

Next is to apply power via the variac and a ballast, I'm still undecided if I want to include a ballast inside the base.

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