Large Camera Boom

Also known as 'Small Aerial Boom'

Quite a bit bigger than the small camera boom, it's basic length is about 11 foot with a 10 foot extension, with the stand it will reach close to 25 feet.

A little background:
I had been looking at doing aerial photography and video, there's many ways to achieve this including model helicopters, blimps, and masts.

After a ladder was damaged beyond use, I managed to acquire it, it was only a few rungs that were damaged, the 'strings' were fine, those were the basis of this design.
After removing the rungs, I found some bearings and something to hold them and construction began, i made the base part as a fixed length boom, but I cut off about a foot, then made an insert piece to join them together again so they could be separated to add the extension in the middle.
The 1 foot part holds the top pivot and the pan/tilt head, i decided because of the length that I should have the head below the boom so it hangs, there's less wobble from boom twist.

I had several similar 12 way connectors, so these were used in the design, control and video go through these connectors, i later added a USB extension to each section for the DSLR camera, fingers crossed it works over that length.

The base section has another piece filled with lead, this isn't enough to balance the boom, so more weights will e added externally.
Also on the base pivot section is the top of a mini tripod as a mounting for a monitor.

Some photos, the boom is on a temporary storage stand to save room

The boom at full length, in the foreground is the monitor

The Camera on the Pan/Tilt head

The Connector system, the same connector is used throughout

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