Truck Cam and Car Cam

Ever wanted to install a camera in a radio controlled vehicle ?
Well here is the result of using an old wireless security camera, and a radio controlled truck

The camera came from this security camera kit, manufactured by Micromark

If you decide to use this type, you will find the aerials are PCB's with the aerial elements etched on both sides, if you cannot fit them in your project, then you can cut and strip the coax, and attach a short length of stiff wire to the centre core, this is what i did with mine.

Initial testing was ok, the quality wasn't great, but it was a good exercise

Update: 16 February 2011

I haven't used the truck since the build in March 2010, as the wheels at the front of the trailer rested on the ground, they are only small castors, so the extra weight of the batteries meant that it would be slow, or would completely stop.
Following a discussion with a radio control supply shop (i wanted servos for my camera boom), he wants some better video of the model radio control races, so i agreed i would do it.

Then i had a thought about getting a car eye view of the race, so i stripped the camera transmitter from the truck, and bought a Range Rover R/C car.
After figuring out the method of installing a colour camera, the transmitter, and the battery pack, i successfully converted the car with as little damage as possible.

Here's the video.

An advantage is that i can plug in a camcorder which can be attached to the roof on a custom mount, the camcorder does all the work, i just use the wireless link to monitor the view. And of course that view can be forward facing, back facing, or even side facing, the possibilities of great low level shots are endless.

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