Camera Monitor from portable dual screen DVD player

Having used my Next Base DVD player for a blocking monitor, I have also been looking round for a cheap monitor, but without the DVD, Walking round my local Tesco superstore (groceries etc) I spotted a dual screen DVD player, normally used in cars,but works equally well at home. Ideal because I can make use of the remote screen, while leaving the main player unit untouched, the remote can be powered from the cigarette lighter adaptor, the mains adaptor, or i could build a portable battery box. The main use is for my camera boom, but can also be used as a blocking monitor when it's not possible to view the screen on my camcorders.

Here's the video

I was quite surprised at the quality of the image, and by the fact that it can be viewed at different angles, especially as the whole thng cost 70, which is much cheaper than the 130 I paid for the Next Base player without a remote screen, and even the cheapest (smaller) monitors i've seen are about 120.

If you're into photography, and your DSLR has a video output (like mine has), you can check the framing of the shot on a nice 7 inch portable monitor.

All I have to do is sort out a way to mount it on the boom or a tripod (need to fit a tripod mount on a backing board)

I found that the A/V plugs ate each end of the cable are different, one is longer, make sure you plug them in correctly or the monitor won't work.

I decided to go ahead and cut the AV cable, the monitor end is shorter than the player, then I fitted a strip of 3 RCA sockets to that end, this is because the cable on my camvorders and my DSLR have RCA plugs fitted, and is quite long.
The player end was fitted with 3 RCA plugs, I had to add tails to the plugs and do a bit of splicing, but the result is ok for me, with the plugs and sockets attached, I can still use this the same was as designed, but gives me an easy option to use the second screen as a video monitor.
The following images are of the connections for this device, and the way I connected the RCA's

I wanted to use the DC power cord to connect to a portable battery pack, but because the cord is wired direct I thought it may be a good idea to put a DC connector in the car adaptor case.
When I opened it, i thought the most i would see would be a 12V regulator (the DVD runs from 9-12V), but I found a DC to DC converter with a Mosfet, this takes up a bit of room, so I will be replacing that for a 7809 regulator just for over voltage protection, but will probably modify the circuit to add one or 2 diodes to raise the voltage to 10.4v, the diagram below shows you how, each diode adds about 0.7V depending on the diode.

I cut the cord and spliced it to another that has the right DC plug to connect to my battery, so when I finally install the regulator and matching DC connector in the car plug, the whole unit will still work as designed.

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