Audio/Video Interface

Having the need to input audio and video to the computer, i bought a couple of different adaptors, one came with Roxio 'Easy VHS to DVD', I didn't like the software that much, i can't remember the exact reason, but I don't think it did what I expected of it.

Then I found power director, again i found problems, but the adaptor was at least useful, Windows Movie Maker at least recognised it, so I could now capture video that way.
I also found that it you can buy just the adaptor, and that the drivers (at least for XP) were easily available online, this didn't appear to be the case for the Roxio adaptor, so now that I use Vegas, I stream content occasionally, and just recently used it for Google Hangouts/

This is what the adaptor looks like

It's a KWorld USB 2800, as can be seen there are several inputs, including s-video, the audio runs through to a separate audio jack, I believe this gives better control.
I've even streamed on from my netbook, I love it.

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