Amateur Radio and CB radio UK

I was taking my Amateur Radio course which started in September 1981, I was 26, just as UK CB radio was about to be legalised on 2nd November, I was 31 at the time, so while waiting to pass my exam, I decided to get a Realistic TRC 1001 portable CB radio (yeah, that's also Tandy).

I had a lot of fun with it as part of a CB club.

I was licensed on 3rd July 1982.
My first amateur radio was a converted Pye Cambridge FM 10D ?, I used it as a base station, but I wanted to have something more portable that could be used in a vehicle too, I came across a second hand Yaesu FT290R, and used this for several years, until i pickedup the wrong DC cable and blew the transmit stage, that was in 1990, since then a few things have happened n my life, and I didn't get arounnd to getting it repaired.

It's now 2013, and with my innvolvement with The Geek Group, and several amateurs in the membership, I decided I had to get back on the air, one of the geek group members mentioned a cheap portable radio, the Baofeng UV5R dual band, so now i'm starting to get set up with antennae, most of which I will be building myself, living amongst the Welsh mountains and valleys presents some problems, but at least there's a reasonable repeater in range.

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