Welcome to my website

In the past I have used Googlesites to host my website, eventually I moved to my own domain (this site), i'm reversing that trend a bit.
I want to post more images of my projects, this domain can do that, but that means more hosting space, and that adds up to more cost
Don't worry, this site is not going away anytime soon, but much of the content has now been moved to my googlesite.
(well it started of with just the projects, but escalated to include most of the other 'image heavy' stuff)

Googlesite also means easier editing, that means any future content will be added sooner to go with a video, this has been a bit lax in the past because I didn't have the urge to do it due to lack of views on my videos, a sort of 'why do I bother putting effort into it' attitude.

I'm not sure if anyone realises, i'm oldschool, I create the pages manually in notepad and save them as html before uploading, it works for me.

So, if you see any videos with links back to pages on this website, please comment in that video simply with 'link broken' and i'll update the link, i'll delete your comment once the link is updated so as not to confuse others.

You will also notice that I have a forum, Please note that this is ONLY for discussion about me or my sites, or as a contact method. It is NOT to be used as an alternative to The Geek Group forum which no longer exists

This and Googlesite are sites that document all my projects. I have great interest in high voltage, Audio and Visual, and many other things. Please take the time to read this site, you will most likely find something of interest in some of your projects,

I'm not just documenting my successes, but also my failures, but each failure is a learning process, just be careful you don't do the ultimate failure, read any and all warnings if you intend playing with voltages, even low voltage can kill in certain circumstances.

Terms of Use

You may freely link to any content or page
You may not hotlink any images etc
You may copy any snippet of information providing you credit me with the creation

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